Summer camp 2014

Posted on 9/14/2014 by

Summer camp is a great way to get merit badges. Hundreds of scouts from around the council come to this camping trip to get merit badges from astronomy to water sports.

We came in on our first day and took care of our first aid stuff in a time that has to be a record. It only took us one hour to get to camp. Then we all prepared for our long week of camping.

The main event of every summer camp is the merit badges. The new scouts all take leather working while going to PFC. While the older scouts have the freedom to take any merit badge offered. This year, I took astronomy, space exploration, rifle shooting, and kayaking. It was a very good week.

Other than those events. during the evenings we have separate events. If you repel and go to zip school, you can ride the long lake zipline, a trip that is worth the wait. Or you can go to the shooting range and do some archery or shoot guns. This and many other events are very fun.

After the week of gaining merit badges, people didn't just go home with signed blue cards, they also gained knowledge and memories that will last a lifetime.


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