Webelos Jam O Ree

Posted on 9/14/2014 by

This year, troop 71 was in charge of the fire building station. There, we taught webelos different ways to build fires.

On the first night, it was raining pretty hard. We had to set up our tents under the dining fly to keep them from getting wet. Even so, we were all prepared and made through the night warm and dry.

When others were at the bike ride, I, being the SPL, had to stay behind with my team of workers, Spencer, and Lucas. Together, we built fire pits and set off the perimeter to prepare scouts for teaching.

The scouts taught the webelos different ways to make fires. Matches were used, magnifying glasses, and even steel wool. First, they had to know safety, which was taught by Spencer.

These webelos learned a lot, but so did we. We learned about leadership, responsibility, and teaching. Both groups, webelos, and Boy Scouts, taught each other.

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