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The Devil’s lake campout was from 9/28-9/30. We arrived at our campsite around 8:30 that evening. We had a double campsite with plenty of room for tents and dining flies. It was cold that night, but everybody still had fun with their friends. That night we had a cracker barrel set up with sausages and crackers.

  The next morning, our cooks made a light breakfast of eggs and juice before our big hike. Everybody prepared their lunches to take along, because we were going to eat on the trail. It was around then that our SPL Anthony Uy showed up. He led us across the trails, which lead up a makeshift stair case to a beautiful rocky cliff. Everybody was happy because we got a nice rest on the cliff, being careful not to get too close to the edge, and that the rest was downhill, to the picnic area where we had lunch.
  Everybody was tired after the first two-and-a-half miles, but we all still had fun going up and down the second mountain. We were very close to the end of our hike, when the group got separated. One part of the group went ahead not knowing that some of the adult leaders were helping a child that went astray. The part that I was in took a long unscheduled break waiting for some adult leaders. The adult leaders we were waiting for had to go back to help a troop 225 scout find his way back with the rest. The young scout was reunited with his troop, and our troop was brought together at the end of the trail as well.
  After the hike was a dance and a record spin with pop music. Some of us stayed behind and helped make a cracker barrel of brownies and apple crisp.

Harrison S
Troop Historian

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