2013 Cub O Ree

Posted on 2/10/2013 by

On January 12, the Scouts of Troop 71 helped Cub Scouts from all over Potawatomi Area Council achieve their Scientist activity pins.

Troop 71 Scouts helped by hosting a number of experiments that taught Cub Scouts about science subjects ranging from physics to meteorology. 

One of the experiments taught the scouts about inertia. We placed a stack of pennies on the table. The Cub Scout flicked a penny straight at the stack, if he hit the penny on the bottom hard enough, he would knock it out of the stack, but the rest of the stack would not fall.

Another Experiment taught scouts about air pressure. A scout held a flat piece of cardboard by his face. A match was lit and held at the other end of the cardboard. The scout would blow gently and the fire would come towards him. This showed scouts that the low pressure caused by his breath pulled the fire toward him.

Everyone had a good time and 300 Cub Scouts got their activity pins while learning something new about science.  

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