Cub O Ree 2014

Posted on 1/12/2014 by

Scouts from Troop 71 help out at the Cub O Ree every year, teaching Webelos new things to help them earn activity pins.

Every year, Troop 71 travels to Sussex Hamilton high school to teach Webelos new things, and help them earn activity pins. Each troop is assigned to a specific classroom where they have the materials to teach these pins to the cub scouts. This is very good practice for the Boy Scouts to learn about leadership and talking to younger scouts.

This year, Troop 71 was in charge of the Scientist activity pin. We had about 9 different classrooms, each for experiments involving a certain requirement in the Scientist activity pin. These experiments taught young scouts about many subjects, including the science behind weather, optical illusions, and Pascals Law.

It was a lot of fun for the Webelos and the Boy Scouts alike. We all learned something that day. The Boy Scouts learned about leadership and talking in front of a crowd, while the Webelos learned many things useful for their upcoming scouting experience.

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