Den Chief

Posted on 3/2/2014 by

In order to advance in rank, a Scout must serve in a leadership position. There are many positions of responsibility in a Boy Scout troop. Den Chief is one of them.

Being a Den Chief is a lot of fun.  You provide valuable help to the Cub Scout leaders and are a great role model for Cub Scouts.  

You might not know what to do in order to be helpful.  Luckily, a class is offered known as Den Chief Pizzazz, which teaches you the many important qualities of a Den Chief.  After taking this class, you'll be equipped with some games and songs and lots of ideas about making the den meeting fun and informative.

Some den meetings are held in the classroom, but many are called "Go See It," where the den takes a field trip to learn about an interesting place in our community.  Spencer S has been a den chief for Pack 71's Den 4 Wolf Scouts this year.  Besides helping in the classroom, he has accompanied them on visits to the Brookfield Fire Station, the Waukesha County Museum, and the Dousman Stagecoach Inn.  

Pinewood Derby is a big event for Cub Scouts and the Den Chief is a big part of it.  The Cubs are pretty excited to see the cars that they built themselves riding down the ramp. The Den Chief is always kept on his toes. He has to set up the cars for each race then put the cars that are done in the proper spots. He also sets up the cars in the beginning for the votes on best designed car. 

The Den Chief is very important in helping Cub Scouts grow up to be Boy Scouts.

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