Home Improvement Campout 2013

Posted on 6/2/2013 by

The Home Improvement campout is hosted by Troop 67 every year. We can choose two merit badges from a choice of 8, to earn in one day.

The Home Improvement campout teaches a wide range of subjects about fixing things in the home. From plumbing to landscape arcitecture - we may never learn these things without it. We did prerequisites beforehand, and worked hard on the day of the classes.  It was a long day, but we ended up with two merit badges to show for it.

Our campsite was great!  It was a very large area at Indian Mound Camp, right on our own pond.  We enjoyed lots of great camp cooking and fun by the campfire.

Sunday morning, everybody helped to take down the campsite. Working together, it didn't take long to have everything put away and ready to go home.  Running a well organized camp and earning two merit badges in a day really shows what a scout can do, with just a little help. 

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