Nathan Hatch, Revolutionary War Hero ceremony

Posted on 6/2/2013 by

On Memorial Day we celebrate the life of a great man - a Revolutionary War hero named Nathan Hatch.

Nathan Hatch was a man who was born in the colonial days and lived to see our country prosper greatly. When he was young, he fought in the Revolutionary War, and he lived to tell the tale of how we earned our great freedom. Even so, England wasn't ready to give up yet, so they attacked us again, and started the war of 1812. Nathan Hatch wanted to fight again, but he was too old, so he was an army trainer with other Revolutionary War veterans. They taught the soldiers how to stand, salute, and fight. After two great dangers in his life, he lived through a third bravery, moving to the Midwest, to Wisconsin, when he was 80 years old. That is where he lived the rest of his days.

He lived in Brookfield and that is where he is buried, so we celebrate his, and all the soldiers who lost their lives for our country, on Memorial Day.

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