New Scout Campout 2014

Posted on 8/24/2014 by

The New Scout Campout is an outing designed for the troop guides to take the troop's new scouts and help them learn how things in the troop work and the skills they need to be successful Boy Scouts.

The New Scout Campout was a great experience for our New Members to Troop 71. These scouts have started their journey towards Eagle on this camping trip.

We started with preparations on the first day, getting the Troop Guides ready for their new responsibilities and preparing camp for our older scouts to stay and help out. Then when the new scouts arrived on the second day of camp, their was a burst of activity, as the Troop Guides, Spencer and Lucas taught the new scouts how to properly handle a knife, and awarded them their tot'n chits. They also taught the scouts how to set up a tent, and watched them do it on their own. 

Other scouts were quick to make friends, as they introduced the younger scouts to the troop that will become their fellow passengers on the scouting journey. They made sure to be very nice to the new kids, and treated them with respect.

On the final day, the new scouts did their first police of the grounds, and learned our policy of always leaving the camp ground better than we found it. The scout master congratulated them on a job well done and that was the beginning of the journey of the next generation of scouting.    

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