The Webelos Jam-O-Ree 2013

Posted on 9/17/2013 by

The Webelos Jam-O-Ree is a camping trip for those Cub Scouts who are about to make the transition into Boy Scouts. Here, Webelos scouts and their parents spend the day meeting Boy Scout Troops and participating in a different camp activity with each Troop. It is a lot of fun for the Webelos, and we get to help the next generation of scouts.

 This year, we had a little change of pace. For the past few years, our troop ran the BB gun range. This year, we taught fire building.  As each Webelos group visited our campsite, the parents were informed about our Troop by Life Scouts Alex M. and Jacob D.  The rest of the Scouts in Troop 71 had a great time teaching fire building skills to the visiting Webelos under the direction of Life Scout Andrew C.   We taught them to start the fire in ways that don't use matches, such as using a magnifying glass, flint and steel and a battery and steel wool. The younger scouts also had fun, a few of them saying ours was the most fun station.

 There was also a 15 mile bike ride on Saturday morning, to help scouts complete one requirement for the Cycling or Camping Merit Badge, or maybe both. This year, the Bug Line Trail was being paved, so we went on a different part of the trail.  Snacks were provided half way through to help us go that last bit.

 All-in-all, it was a very fun and successful trip. The Webelos walked away with great new skills, and the Boy Scouts, with the satisfaction of teaching the next generation a new skill. 

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