The Winkelhake Campout 2013

Posted on 12/12/2013 by

Mr. Winkelhake is one of Troop 71's former Scoutmasters. He invites the Troop to his farm every year in November for a campout.

This year's campout was the same as last year's in one way - it was cold!  But that didn't stop anybody from having fun. 

After carrying our gear to an opening in the woods at the back of the farm, we set up camp.  Scouts enjoyed flying some big kites, riding Mr. Winkelhake's horses, and gathering walnuts.  We help Mr. Winkelhake with a service project as a thank you for hosting the campout.  This year, we gathered up brush.

Like every campout, Scouts had the opportunity to do some camp cooking.  The Scouts of Troop 71 have proven to be very good cooks. 

Our evening entertainment included using the apple press to make apple cider.  There was enough for everyone to take home a gallon.  Then, we got to see if we were prepared for cold weather camping.  Using Mr. Lilek's and Mr. Winkelhake's cold weather strategies, we were able to make it through the night comfortably.

Can't wait to do it again next year!

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