Winklehake Farms Campout

Posted on 11/4/2012 by Mike Lilek

We left the SJV parking lot for Mr. Winkelhake’s farm on Saturday morning, Nov 3, 2012. Mr. Winkelhake was the Scoutmaster of Troop 71 from 1990 until 2001. Every year, he hosts a cold weather campout at his farm near Jackson, WI. After lunch, for our service project, we helped cut down some trees and move the brush to the brush pile. We also picked up rocks from the field and put them into a trailer. We all had fun riding with the rocks in the trailer.

A little later, we decided to go to the stables for horseback riding. We donned our helmets and got a choice if we wanted to try steering the horses ourselves, or having a lead do it for us. I tried to steer my horse with little success. We also looked at the cows as they mooed, and some kids tried to feed them grass instead of hay.  Some Scouts stayed back near the campsite and flew kites in the field.  One kite was a large honeycomb shape.  The others were stunt kites.

  For dinner, we had “pizzagnia” – it was supposed to be pizza, but when it came out of the dutch oven it was more like lasagna.  It tasted great!  After cleanup, we went to the big bonfire. When we got there, Mr. Winkelhake hadn’t showed up yet, so we waited until he finally did.  He got the huge pile of sticks and branches lit quickly. A huge pillar of flame rose from the fire, we all gathered around, and watched the roaring fire until it died down.  It was still smoldering when we woke up the next morning.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to frosty ground and low temperatures. Everybody pitched in to get the campsite cleaned up and ready for us to leave.  When we got home we all had fond memories and stories to tell those who didn’t come along.

Harrison S
Troop Historian

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